Hard Surface

Hard Surface

The hard surfaces of your home need a little extra love and attention too. Whether you have hardwood floors or vinyl, the right care routine can keep your flooring looking its best for decades to come. Contact Emerald Services today to get started.

Stunning Hardwood

Extend the life and look for your hardwood floors by partnering with us. Our advanced cleaning methods remove deeply embedded dirt and debris that can cause lasting damage. Once the dirt is gone, we’ll apply a protective finish to make the floors look as good as new.

Pristine Vinyl

Vinyl floors are extremely customizable and make a great addition to a home — as long as you know how to take care of them. Push aside your worries and let our professionals handle the care and cleaning for you.

Thorough Floor Care

Your hard-surface flooring demands attention and professional care. We offer both stripping and waxing services to keep the vinyl or hardwood in your home looking its best for years to come.

Enjoy nearly a decade of professional flooring experience with us Call Emerald Services today to get started.


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